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Absolutly grating

Seriously, the sound was horrible.

Awesome on so many levels

The art was just beautiful, the sound was great, but the two things that REALLY stuck out was the concepts themselves and the music (which fit the animation oh so very well). You have to have great creativity to create something as unique as this. I cant wait for the next one!

To the person under me

Did you live under a rock? Seriously...

Either way though, even if you weren't familiar with the man's movies, this is still a silly flash.

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Some of your gameplay decisions are frustraiting.

Most notably the ability to score on yourself as the goalie by simply turning around. More than a couple times, I found myself down a goal because I was chasing after an attacker, and when the goalie got it, he would turn around and score on himself because I had my mouse below the goal in the first place. The AI is kind of brutal, and the player selection can be pretty dense especially when you want a defender and accidentally get a winger nowhere near the ball. It's small things like that that kind of hurt this game.


Even if you delet your cookies and everything, you still are dead. It really does stay true to it's word.


I was pulling my hair out when I came across the one about 24-7=?

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what's wrong with you?

this is like 10 seconds long! I bet you that it would of been pretty cool if you decided to actually create a song. You put in no effort :(

The beat to the song was good though.

jesuswalks9 responds:

Yeah, i know i barley put ne effort into it, im kinda poor and can't really afford to buy like full versions of fruity loops and acid etc... but once i do, if you liked this one, you can expect a longer, grearer song my friend.....thanks for your honesty.

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